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being on the faint periphery of a social circle is a very unnerving feeling to me

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Mac DeMarco
Let Her Go
have you seen boyhood?

yeah i finally did a week or two ago. i liked it a lot although it had a few rocky parts and it’s definitely not close to my favorite Linklater. amazing project anyway you look at it. i especially liked how it correlated with my own experience of growing up in Texas, the film showed many of my old haunts in Houston and Austin, that scene where they watch the sunrise in downtown Austin with Yo La Tengo playing totally got me.

have you seen it/what’d you think?

honestly i wasn’t really living before i got into Galaxie 500

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Galaxie 500
Way Up High

happy together is a good-looking movie


2046 (2004) | dir. Wong Kar Wai

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St. Vincent
Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood

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Aphex Twin

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